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Multi-Wing designs high pressure customized fans specifically for your engine cooling challenges and in particular for the stringent emissions requirements for Tier 4 / Stage IIIB. To optimize your design process we now offer you a single source for fans and clutches.

Multi-Wing has entered into co-operation with suppliers of clutches offering you a one-stop shop opportunity for your cooling needs. We are offering a Fan & Clutch product combination creating easy access to a versatile solution for a range of engine-cooling applications.

Multi-Wing delivers the complete solution: Fan & Clutch systems custom designed for your individual needs. This one-stop solution eliminates your burden of matching the systems yourself and thereby reduces interfaces and processes.

With a clutch fitted to the fan it is possible to regulate the speed and thereby optimize the cooling of the engine and at the same time reduce the fuel consumption and noise emission.


Your benefits:

  • Fan & Clutch solutions: individually tuned and designed for your application as well as ready for plug & play.
  • Select the clutch technology: cost efficient bimetal clutches or electronically controlled viscous clutches for an extended and precise speed controllability.

  • With a clutch fitted to the fan, it is possible to regulate the speed and thereby further optimize the cooling of the engine and at the same time reduce the fuel consumption.  

  • The ability to regulate the speed enables optimised noise emission.

  • Maintenance of clutches is at an absolute minimum as it is a sturdy and well proven solution.

  • It is a Fan & Clutch solution commonly used in off-highway applications.


Contact your local Sales Engineer to get recommendations on the best Fan & Clutch solution for your application. We begin with understanding your product and your success criteria. We design customized for your application, building each Fan & Clutch solution from the highest quality components.

Together with our partners supplying clutches we are integrating targeted expertise and comprehensive product offerings to satisfy the growing market demand.

Multi-Wing has generations of experience engineering fans specifically for industrial applications and our partners have a rich tradition and extensive experience in controlled Fan & Clutch development and production.

Download our brochures to learn more about our Fan & Clutch Solutions:

Off-the-shelf bi-metal clutches

E-viscous & bi-metal clutches

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