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Since its inception nearly 50 years ago, Multi-Wing has become the world's leading brand of axial fan impellers. It produces the most comprehensive range of axial impellers on the market, suitable for the majority of applications. Yet, like so many of the world's greatest inventions, the Multi-Wing impeller was conceived almost by accident.

Back in the 1960's, Finn Sigurd Andersen had bought a new Citroen DS19 car and was intrigued by the innovative use of plastic to make the cooling fan on its engine.

It was his cousin Harald, however, who developed this concept and came up with idea of producing impellers made up of separate components – with individual thermo plastic blades and aluminium hubs.

These were revolutionary, not only were they lightweight, quiet and efficient, but also if a fan blade failed it could be replaced easily and cost effectively.

The Multi-Wing impeller had arrived.

Over the years O.S. Andersen focused on establishing Multi-Wing as an international product. Today, the impellers are marketed worldwide through a comprehensive network of distributors, a policy that has made Multi-Wing the world's leading axial fan impeller brand.

In the UK, Leicester-based, Multi-Wing UK has been the sole UK distributor of the Multi-Wing range for over 30 years (formerly Fral Products Ltd.). With full in-house machining, assembly and balancing facilities the company is able to tailor solutions locally to solve customers’ specific problems.

Our mission statement

“Multi-Wing UK exists to provide a first class product and service. We do this by giving attention to our customers and investing in our people, equipment and machinery.

We believe that business is about people and that being fair, honest, courteous and professional to everyone involved in our business is the key to success.”.

A competitive edge

The Multi-Wing impeller range has always been perceived as a good quality product and is also very competitively priced.

Multi-Wing recognises that a competitive pricing policy is essential to survival in today's tough business climate with tight margins and a continuous squeeze on profits. The company is therefore committed to bringing down the cost of the impellers without reducing their quality.

Quality, reliability and speed of service are also very important at Multi-Wing UK. We are accredited to ISO9001 and have worked hard to increase our efficiency. Our aim is “Right first time, right on time – 100%”.

Product Range/Applications

Multi-Wing produces the most extensive range of axial fan impellers on the market. The range is continually developing; it encompasses a wide range of diameters from 200mm to 2500mm, with many different hub/blade styles and an option of clockwise or anticlockwise rotations.

With so many options available it is almost always possible to select the most efficient impeller to suit individual requirements.

Most of the impellers are designed with interchangeable components. Some of the range has been designed with an adjustable pitch setting that locks the blades into place increasing their adaptability further. One-piece moulded impellers can be specifically designed and produced for high volume applications.


As part of the commitment to providing a quality product, Multi-Wing has their own in-house wind tunnel facilities. Wind tunnel testing allows the company to produce a range of specific data for each different impeller. These tests provide the basis for a PC programme with details of the data including given air volume, pressure and sound conditions.

Multi-Wing axial fan impellers are designed to be extremely strong and to check their durability Multi- Wing puts each new impeller design through extensive, pre-production tests.

Multi-Wing is committed to being the world leader in axial fan impellers. Please explore our site and contact us for more details.

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